Mentoring & Coaching Creatives

Rich McCoy believes in the Creative Spirit. He believes that it is a force for good in the world and uses all his skill, passion and experience to help it - and all those that hold it - succeed and grow.

Rich has been fortunate to train in mentoring and coaching under some of the most respected business leadership coaches in Australia & New Zealand. Now based in New Zealand, Rich works face to face with clients locally and throughout the English speaking world via online tools.
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Areas of focus

No. 01Artists, Makers, and Designers looking to launch a creative businessWorking directly alongside you to overcome challenges including: Where to get started, Discovering your why, what, how, and what else, Creating a roadmap, Overcoming idea overwhelm, Getting out of a creative rut.

No. 02Established Artists, Makers, and Designers looking to improve and grow your practiceFor those who might have been established a couple of years and want help with things such as: Workflow processes, Growing your business, Finding your audience / customer base, Time management and procrastination.

No. 03Commercial creative teams looking to up their gameWorking with companies to nurture and optimise their creative teams, in areas including: Mentoring of team members, Creative workflow issues, Organisation process, Cultural health & emotional safety, Growth areas, Pastoral care of individuals, Team habits, Leadership coaching.

These are the kind words of fine folks I've had the pleasure of coaching.

No. 01 I got to know Rich over a period of creative block, when I needed support to get back into my art of painting. He gave me useful techniques and approaches to get creating in a regular routine. Rich has an approach of gently, but firmly, pushing me into new areas and challenging my preconceptions. Most of all, Rich encouraged me to regularly create, and if I had a spell of inactivity I knew he would be firm in his advice to get making again.
It has now been approx. 3 years since I met Rich, and I still hold to my routine and will still reach out to him if I need to discuss any creative hurdles or to simply get some feedback. Rachel Radford
Design Lead & Artist
No. 02 I grew a lot of respect and admiration for Rich's creativity and leadership when we worked together, which lead me to approaching him about a mentorship relationship. Happy to oblige, Rich gave plenty of invaluable advice which helped me grow personally and professionally. Most memorably, Rich gave the exact insight, encouragement and support that I didn’t know I needed to get out of a heavy creative rut. With patience, a little bit of brute force, and plenty of solid counsell, Rich mentored me into a healthy and productive creative space. Rich has all the experience and attitude it takes to be a great supportive and creative leader, and I really hope to work with him again soon. Zac Sanderson-Harris
Systems Product Designer, & DJ Musician
No. 03 For the past 6 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rich as part of an ongoing mentoring relationship. Throughout our sessions, Rich has supported me to better understand and explore themes such as resilience, gaining alignment, designing my own time, improved communication and other soft skills that have enabled me to become a better professional.
Under the guidance Rich has provided, I have increased confidence in my own ability, my growth has been recognised by my senior management team and I feel better prepared for taking the next steps in my career. Reflecting on all of the personal development I have undertaken in my professional life to date, my time with Rich has been by far the most effective.
Carl Rosati
Design Opps Lead, & Leather Worker
No. 04 I have had the privilege of working with Rich as my mentor for over a year. In this year, Rich has been a pillar of support to help me carve myself towards the path of leadership and get closer to my goal of becoming a Senior Product Designer. I had the freedom of bringing any topic to the table, be it a stressed out day due to constant context switching or me taking a leap of trust in the arranged marriage system of India and marrying someone that my parents thought would be a good match for me.
Finally, I was recently promoted at work as a Senior Designer and I'm proud to say that this wouldn't have been possible in such a short time without Rich's backing.
Sathya Kumar Barathan
Senior Product Designer & Tamil Rap Artist
No. 05 I have struggled with the business side of my creative practice and haven't been able to make my creative work financially viable in the modern world. Rich was able to identify the block and work with me to tease out a solution to overcome the aspects that have been holding me back. His approach was practical and grounded whilst allowing for my individual needs and creative flair. Lucy Rose
Healer, Poet, & Artist

Become a sponsor of a coaching session for an artist, designer, maker, or creative team

In my experience, those who most need coaching and mentoring are often the least able to afford it. I've been working with, and will continue to work with, a few clients pro-bono. I would love to be enabled to work more with those establishing their careers, but my capacity to do this unpaid is limited. If you would like to sponsor a creative or group of creatives to receive coaching or mentoring, please get in touch and we can work something out.