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About Rich McCoy Wylder

I emerged in the interactive space in '95, back in mother's land, after completing a Fine Arts degree, while making Clip Art for a multimedia company. Since then I've worked for some of the leading agencies around the world (AKQA, LBI, Edelman, and Saatchi), and many Fortune 100 companies, as an interactive Art Director / UX Designer / Creative Director. I've also made a crust as an Illustrator, Photographer, Painter and Sculptor – disciplines that have immeasurably enhanced my world of pixels. It would be fair to say I'm a creative thinker who refuses to be constrained by the traditional boundaries of the medium. You can thank the bushmen for that.

I'm a firm believer in balancing a strategic mindset with a rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in approach to life and work.
I love to instil honesty and humanity into my life and work, having poured my heart and soul into pretty much everything online – from banking systems to online communities, artist portfolios to political awareness campaigns, and online shopping stores selling everything from cheap t-shirts to multimillion dollar homes.

Out side of my core UX/UI Design and Creative Direction practice I run a small coaching and mentoring business, make, sell and exhibit art and practice archery.
Currently based in New Zealand, and working for the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment as the Product Owner of Service Design and User Experience.
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What I do

For over two and a half decades I’ve delivered digital creative that expresses the essence of a brand – from the corporate needs of Nestlè to the intimacy of working with a solo potter. This and my portfolio website ( shows the range and variety of my work (and predates Google by almost a year).

Sometimes my leadership is the catalyst for a creative team to find their direction and to overcome obstacles. At other times I relish rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in so that together we solve creative problems. When I'm not leading creative teams you’ll find me with my paint-brush, camera, or horse bow in my hands and invariably bare feet. For years I’ve created, exhibited and sold my art internationally.

How my work benefits you

My depth and breadth of experience – over 25 years of it – will help to avoid costly mistakes in creative project delivery. We’ll catch deviations from brief early, minimising the cost of rework.

We’ll find and express the soul of your brand and the purest, most direct way to communicate this to your customers and clients.

I understand creatives, so will mentor your teams to showcase their talents and deliver more impactful work with increased morale. Creatives who know their work is valued stick around.

My top five strengths according to Gallup® Clifton Strengths report

No. 01Connectedness People who are especially talented in the Connectedness theme have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.

No. 02IdeationPeople who are especially talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.

No. 03IntellectionPeople who are especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

No. 04EmpathyPeople who are especially talented in the Empathy theme can sense the feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others’ lives or others’ situations.

No. 05FuturisticPeople who are especially talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future.

What matters to me

No. 01 Creativity Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a f**king sharp knife to it. BANKSY

No. 02 Servant LeadershipAs we look ahead to the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. BILL GATES

No. 03 Radical CandorIt's kind of hard to piss off the people who you care about. So caring personally and challenging directly are the two ways to get it right. KIM SCOTT

No. 04 Socially Responsible BusinessThe business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed. ANITA RODDICK

No. 05 AgilityLearn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. ALBERT EINSTEIN

No. 06 Psychological SafetyAs long as I was aligned with listening rather than with an intention to receive a particular response or to shift something, we would stay on safe ground. BONNIE BADENOCH

No. 07 Design ThinkingIf a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.IDEO.ORG

No. 08 KindnessKindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.Charles Glassman

Memorable clients

  • 7Up
  • Aardman
  • Air France
  • Air New Zealand
  • Alfa Romeo
  • AKQA
  • Alliance and Leicester
  • All Saints Clothing
  • Audi
  • Baccardi
  • Ballance
  • Bayleys Real Estate
  • B and Q
  • Breville
  • Brisbane
  • Bristol Credit Union
  • BT
  • Chanel 4
  • Clarks
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Comvita
  • The Countryside Agency
  • Disney Channel
  • Dlink
  • Dotti
  • Duchamp
  • Edelman
  • Endemol
  • Everton Football Club
  • Emap
  • Fairfax
  • Farmlands
  • FinancialTimes
  • Firetrap
  • Flieshmans
  • Hardy Ames
  • Isobar Paris
  • Invisalign
  • ICL
  • JaquiE
  • JayJays
  • Jewish Federation of New York
  • Jeep
  • Joules Clothing
  • Just Jeans
  • KLM
  • Kraftfoods
  • LBi
  • Liverpool Football Club
  • Liberty Human Rights
  • MTV
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Nestle
  • News Corp
  • Nikon
  • Oral B
  • Optegra
  • NPG
  • Panasonic
  • Penguin
  • PepsiCo
  • Peter Alexander
  • Polydor
  • Port of Brisbane
  • Portmans
  • Queensland
  • Royal Mail
  • Saatchi
  • SKY
  • Smiggle
  • SonyPictures
  • Telstra
  • The Just Group
  • Trade Me
  • Trustpower
  • Tui
  • University of Oxfordshire
  • UPS
  • Vodafone
  • Walker Books
  • Wiltshire Farm Foods
  • Wiltshire Air Ambulance
  • ZSL


No. 01 Rich is an exceptional coach, leader, mentor and design brain. Throughout our mentoring relationship, Rich's knowledge and support helped me to grow as a designer, especially regarding resilience and emotional intelligence. Our sessions helped me to find the courage to take the next step in my career and for that I am and will always be grateful. If you're considering working with Rich in any capacity, I absolutely implore you to do so. Carl Rosati
LinkedIn. A professional necessity
No. 02 Rich and I worked on two new products at Trade Me Jobs, I was the Product Manager and Rich was the Lead Designer. Rich is great at iterating on low-fidelity pencil wireframes and mocks to visualise, collaborate and get agreement on designs. He is humble and willing to throw away, tweak and rework designs based on new findings. He worked well with the developers in our teams, encouraged them to provide feedback and incorporated their thinking where relevant. He would be a great asset to any product development team. Suhel Mangera
Senior Product Manager @ Xero | Product Coach & mentor
No. 03 I hired Rich to my team at Trade Me in New Zealand while he was still located in the UK. Rich uprooted himself and moved across the world to join my team in an important role as a Design Lead - and did so professionally and with an ever-present positive attitude. His unique experience with many different mediums meant that he fit in well in a business with a wide array of needs and interests, working across multiple disparate markets. Rich and I regularly communicated and I appreciated his perspective on aspects of the company I had less visibility into. I found him to be consistently open and honest about the state of play on his team, and he did not shy away from addressing situations with staff. In additional to his daily managerial responsibilities, Rich was also asked to contribute directly to design work on select projects. Combining the workloads of an individual contributor and a manager is never an easy task, but one that Rich handled well. As his manager, I was very happy that Rich joined my team. I valued his perspective and contributions, and would be more than happy to work with him again. William Them
Former Trade Me, Wipster, Lockheed Martin
No. 04 A digital expert with an huge amount of knowledge/experience and a relentless willingness to create the best possible solution. Rich has the ability to translate high level business demands in clear, high quality, and consequent design proposals. A true sparring partner who guides you through the process asking the questions that need to be asked. Not being afraid to ask the difficult questions. However always proposing a possible solution. Frank de Boer
Director Product and Solution management at Air France/KLM
No. 05 I worked with Rich at Trade Me when he was Head of Design in Marketplace and then Design Lead for Jobs. I liked Rich immediately and further, immediately took to the quiet, respectful and impactful way he went about managing his team of designers and stakeholders. He knew how to diffuse a situation and make 'lemonade out of lemons'. When given the chance to expand his thinking in Jobs we saw a raft of new ideas and approaches from the design team. Rich genuinely cares about what we delivered to customers and wanted the best of experiences for them. This made him a strong advocate for UX Research and I was happy to be called to consult on issues large and small. Most often, my input was not really needed as Rich had clearly identified the problem and solution. I definitely hope to work with Rich again sometime! Martin Bulmer
Principal Researcher at MOBI
No. 06 I have been working with Rich for 14 months together during a project related to re-designing of the new website part of Air France KLM. We hired Rich as lead designer to the team and it has been a great journey together: we learned so much and deliverables are currently in development or have been already launched! Rich has been of great value to this project. As a professional but also as a true person. Rich is flexible, easy to talk with and really an awesome, experienced design lead to work with. I would recommend everybody to work with Rich. Giordana Mendola
Project & Innovation Lead BlueLabs at KLM
No. 07 I worked with Rich on a large web project for a leading UK publishing company. His attention to detail, understanding of designing for the web (with usability in mind) and professionalism are second to none. He's also a great guy who's easy to get along with and would be a cultural asset to any company. Matt McCallum
Head of User Experience Virgin Media
No. 08 Rich is a good bet for both graphic and web design. He's comfortable working with strong existing brands as well as developing exciting innovative brands from scratch. Rich takes a proactive and consultative approach which left me feeling engaged and completely informed throughout the creative process. He has the breadth of technical and design skills that make him extremely useful in this field. Clive Disdale
E-Commerce Programme Manager Harrods
No. 09 I had worked with Rich in a previous role and when B & Q undertook the project of redeveloping the web site I had no hesitation in hiring him. Rich merged with the internal & external (agency) team seamlessly. Through an aggressive design and build phase Rich proved to be a valuable team member. His experience & knowledge regarding not only design & code but user interaction proved essential in delivering such a customer focused site. Rich has worked since on several projects ranging in scope and size. Each has been delivered to the same high standard and expertise. Philip Ward
Head of Technology Solutions .com at Marks & Spencer
No. 19 Rich is one of a kind, someone who l have grown to admire over the years. Whilst working with Rich at the Just Group, he was able to achieve considerable in a short space of time. Not only was Rich a great team player and a perfect cultural fit in what was a pressure cooker at times, he was also a great manager of staff, they all loved him. Rich achievements included redesigning all eDM communications (best practice) across Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Dotti, Portman’s, Jacqui E, Peter Alexander & Smiggle along with redesigning/re-launching websites for Just Jeans, Dotti & Jacqui E, which had immediate financial impact. I am delighted to know Rich and is someone l truly admire. In short he is a gun! Lisa Albert
Group General Manager Taking Shape
No. 11 It has been refreshing working with a designer that is both good at what they do but also understand the medium they are working with. Rich fits this type of creative perfectly: he has a fantastic eye for detail and has some excellent skills making things look both pretty and simple. Not only is he talented professionally, he also has a great personality. He's a bubbly, compassionate guy that gets along with everyone. (NB: He's also got great musical, film and art tastes - worth asking about!) I really hope that I get to work with Rich again; I consider him a good friend and will actively strive to keep in touch both professionally and personally. Paul Mason
VP Engineering at Xero
No. 12 Rich is an exceptional talent with an impressive work ethic - a combination that is often difficult to find. His capacity to interpret clients needs into innovative and compelling visual design solutions is significant and evident in his vast body of work. He is passionate about his creative practice and design, photography, illustration and media communicate and infuse his professional and personal life. I have no hesitation in recommending Rich McCoy. Not only is he creative and highly skilled he is also a wonderful human being. Aleem Ali
Managing Director Speak Out Ltd.
No. 13 I had worked with Rich previously whilst he was a Senior Designer at our New Media agency. When I moved on to another financial services company and needed some design work, Rich had become a freelance designer. I had no hesitation in commissioning him to do the work for us, and am are very happy with the quality of the results, his responsiveness and attitude to our requirements and his web design and build expertise. Terry Cawkwell
e-Commerce Manager Stroud and Swindon Building Society
No. 14 Working with Rich McCoy on '42 Writers for Liberty' was an absolute pleasure. Rich was professional, speedy and provided us with excellent advice, especially when it came to last minute changes – which he dealt with in an incredibly patient and helpful manner! In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Rich designed a really beautiful website, paying real care and attention to our brand and messaging. The result was a site that worked perfectly with the overall branding of Liberty's Charge or Release campaign. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Rich to anyone and I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the near future. Sabina Frediani
Campaigns Coordinator Liberty Human Rights
No. 15 Rich is a very nice person to work with. He's an excellent creative designer, with a keen eye for detail. I would highly recommend Rich, to anyone considering working with him. Kosmas Chatzimichalis
Senior Software Engineer Protocus Ltd.
No. 16 After deciding to do a charity marathon, my first task was to find a web designer that could build me a website to help advertise my journey. After searching on Google, I found McCoy digital. The resulting website was both unique and memorable. Rich is an awesome guy and went above and beyond what was expected to get the job done. I look forward to working with him in the future. Bam Benson
Legend, Skateboarder, Love Machine.The geeky blog and Art of bam
No. 17 Brilliant to work with. He listens, checks that he understands and has produced more than expected. Pete Russell
Founder / CEO Ooooby
No. 18 We contacted Rich to help us out with the design for a couple of web sites we were working on and needed some extra capacity. We where really impressed with the quality of the work provided and with Rich's refreshingly friendly and professional approach to doing business! Mark Elder
Head of Design Drive Business
No. 19 Rich is an inspirational creative force and a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm and imagination combined with total professionalism and his ability as an astute and natural communicator ensures that he adds real value to any team and delivers great results. David Simpson
Director Lightstone Interactive
No. 20 Having dealt with plenty of designers, as a web developer I have rarely met anyone who can grasp an exact understanding of the look and feel required as well as Rich. This along with the fact he is a pleasure to deal with means I plan to work with Rich plenty more times in the future. James Bailey
Owner Student
No. 21 I have worked with Rich twice, the first time was for one of my clients, the second time was for my own website, Rich's input was invaluable both technically and creatively and meant the process on both occasions was smooth, delivering exactly what was needed on time and within budget. I look forward to working with him again. Damon Richardson
Design Director Studio Richardson
No. 22 Rich is a skilled designer, very personable and delivered to our requirements. On a busy project Rich was a valuable asset to the team and helped us meet our deadlines. Bruce Conlon
Program Manager LBi
No. 23 Ahoy Rich. Thanks for a great site build. We were well impressed with the efficiency with which you work and how well you replicated Rowans site design in web space. Your feedback throughout the process was clear and concise and the suggestions you made for various improvements to the functionality of the site as the build progressed proved insightful and effective. We felt well understood and in capable hands from the outset! And, for a commercial project, it proved a refreshingly easy and fun process. We enjoyed and continue to enjoy working with you. Nice one! Rowan and Mark Sommerset
Author and Illustrator Dreamboat Books
No. 24 Rich has been superb. Having contacted him via email and put forward a brief outline of what I was looking for I have been extremely happy with every aspect of the site as it has developed. Rich has taken the idea's in my head and made a sharp, clean site which is much more than I ever dreamed it could be I am so pleased. I will use Rich in any further web development I require as I he seems to understand exactly what I need with vague information from myself. He is easy to contact and extremely punctual in his work even though he is an extremely busy guy. 10/10. Martin Heather
Owner Our - Eczema